Let Snowdance Farm provide your turkey this holiday season. We have a limited number of birds available so be sure to place your order as early as possible.

Our turkeys sold out quicker than we expected! Add your name, email address and phone # to our wait-list and we'll email you if a bird becomes available!

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Pasture-Raised Turkey for your Holiday

At Snowdance Farm, we raise broad-breasted white turkey on pasture.  Our turkeys eat an all-vegetarian diet and receive no antibiotics or medications.  All turkeys are processed in a USDA- or New York State-Inspected facility.



Turkeys will be delivered from November 17 through November 26, 2019.



A $10 deposit reserves each turkey. You can make your deposit by clicking the link above.


Your Choice

Choose what size fresh turkey works for you and your delivery preference.


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Under 10.0lbs……….  $ 65

10.0 -12.5lbs…………   $ 75

12.5 - 15.0lbs……..…   $100

15.0 -18.0lbs…………    $125

18.0 -20.0lbs…………    $150

20.0- 25.0lbs…………    $175

25.0 -30.0lbs..………..  $200

All successful orders will receive an email confirmation of your deposit and your remaining balance due at delivery.

Snowdance Farm Organic Turkey with side dishes

What Customers Say?

We've been raising delicious pastured turkeys for families and restaurants since 2002.

It was the most delicious turkey we and our friends had ever had. We are so lucky to have met you and the last flock, too. Thank you for that. We look forward to next year already.

Sheila M.

New York City

Thank you for such a delicious turkey. It turned out beautifully and we are very happy to have discovered your farm.

Susan, Joe & Jack C.

Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for the terrific turkey! It was a family favorite and soon-to-be yearly tradition.

Helen F.

Parksville, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly what time and where can I pick up my turkey?

Dictumst totam eum ratione, volutpat numquam rhoncus montes do! Ultrices. Dignissim accumsan maxime ha.

How should we handle the turkey safely?

Before cooking your turkey, please keep it in your refrigerator. ​

Are there any no-no’s or worst practices when cooking a pastured turkey?

Yes! Do NOT stuff your turkey with bread crumbs or stuffing when cooking. This results in a very dry bird. Instead, consider stuffing your turkey with onions and herbs, fresh or dried fruit such as apples or apricots. Remember, pastured turkeys have less body fat.

How do you cook a pastured turkey?

When it's time to cook your turkey, set your oven to 325 degrees and estimate about 20 minutes per pound in cooking time.

Over the years, we’ve adapted a few recipes from our chefs and believe it or not, the Williams Sonoma website. Here are links to three recipes.

Herbes de Provence Roast Turkey

Classic Roast Turkey

Brined Roast Turkey

Can I brine my pastured turkey?

While you do not need to, you can absolutely brine your turkey using your favorite brine.

What do you do with your leftovers?

Our favorite use for our left overs are turkey sandwiches which we serve with sliced apples and cranberry sauce. We also make turkey pot pies and freeze them for future meals. Lastly, we use the carcass to make a great turkey stock which we freeze in one cup containers for future use.

Can I order more than one bird?

Yes, simply make add'l $10 deposits and select the size for each bird.

Do you have other products for sale that I can add to my order?

Yes, we have chicken or pork sausages (hot or sweet Italian), whole chickens, and chicken parts available. Let us know when we confirm your delivery that you'd like to add to your order.

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